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Sharing from an article for team - Indian Association of Professional Child Photographers (IAPCP) with the topic - whimsical portraits.



How much time do you spend on the processing and any suggestion for the photographers who wish to do such work? 

My editing time per image ranges from 1 to 3 hours, although I find myself engaged in some pictures for days to add a unique element in them that matches my vision. My suggestion to photographers who want to do this genre is, be willing to do a lot of experiments with your pictures and have the courage to be different. I would say, do not refrain yourself and create what you visualize in your mind, no matter how crazy you think it is. I consider myself still in the learning process. And there is a vast world to explore.

Best child photography Hyderabad, India
Best kids photographer India, Hyderabad

Why you choose do such photos ?

I create the images which appeal to my aesthetic sense and work for client who appreciate the same. I started off by everyday pictures, but wanted to do more and experiment. This led to an adventure with some simple props and the imaginary world that could be created through my style of work.


I should say everything I have read and watched has influenced me in creating such pictures. In other words, these pictures have an element of me in them. I have always loved to watch fairies and angel movies and used to admire their paintings. I am equally attracted to movies with vintage elements. Through my pictures, I try to re-create whatever I wish I had experienced, a different world altogether. Indeed, some of my own dreams and fantasies come to life through these pictures.

What lens do you generally use ?

In terms of the lens, I mostly use Canon's 135mm and 50mm as I find it best for portraits. It helps me in achieving lovely bokeh effect thus giving more attention to the subject.

Kids photography India, Hyderabad
Child photographer India, Hyderabad
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