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After doing my Bachelors in Computer Applications, I wanted to learn Media and took Multimedia for Masters. Photography was part of the course. Started my job as a video editor and worked with a few tv channels and a British movie.
After having kids, I didn't want a full-time job. So once I got my Canon 6D, I started photography professionally (part-time). I love to click faces and try to think how it will look if someone paints them. When I started this, at 2013,  I told my friend whose session I was doing, that through my work I want to increase the self-confidence in people. After seeing the results she said she started loving herself more. It really motivated me. Everyone looks beautiful. This is my tiny effort to bring smile and confidence in people. When people are happy with themselves they will make people around them happy too.
For kids, I try to create a magical beauty surrounding them which in turn are part of my own dreams. Mostly the things I wished I had experienced. 
Some of my works were a part of exhibitions in India and France. My works were featured in - Hans India, Deccan Chronicle ,The New Indian Express and international magazines like Bump baby and beyond, Beautiful World etc. Awards - Highly Commended Award by TheNPS, Bronze Award from The Portrait Masters, Glow Finalist Award.

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