Kids Photo Sessions

Kids photo session:


I love to take pictures of toddlers, little girls, boys etc when they are being themselves, being in their own world. May be sketching, playing with a toy train, running and jumping around in the garden, reading books, you name it. 

Another passion of mine is to associate some magical elements in kids's session like the concept of fairies, princess, angels, sparkles, pixie dust, flying leaves etc. So if any parents are interested in imaginative shots let me know and I would love to do that.


If you are interested to do some shots with props, we can have that too. You can bring along child's special toys, teddy or books for the shoot. For bigger ones we can do pictures of kids playing their favourite sport, like cycling, skating, hula hooping etc. They can use their basket ball, cricket bat and ball etc for posing if you want those as a part of your memories. 

Almost all the props that you see in these pics are mine. Let me know  if you want to use anything from here. I can also provide accessories like crowns, floral tiaras, hair clips, bows, suspenders, small tutu skirts etc. for girls and hats, ties, suspenders, bows, scarfs, bandana etc. for boys.


The sessions are done in local gardens.

A gentle reminder: I am not a 'huge props-based photography' fan.  So if you want to use props or accessories other than what I have, kindly arrange them and bring along. But before buying anything for the session, please contact me for a discussion.

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