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Set-up options for kids

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

Props, posing and set-up ideas.

A few props are from parents. I have mentioned it under the images.

Updated note: On December, January and February only mini sessions are open as we have limited ideal lighting time.

Please remember if you are choosing Mini session, we can have a maximum of 3 setups and 5 pictures.

If you want one family posing also, then you have to order a minimum of 6 pictures.

If you are choosing Basic' session, we have can a maximum of 5 setups and one single family posing.

If you want more than one posing of family, it will be 4 setups + family posings.

If you want sibling posing, options will be 3 setups for baby + 1 sibling pose + family poses.

I have seen many clients choosing 2 or 3 pictures from same setup as kids give different cute looks and expressions on each click. You could create lovely collages for wall decor out of it.

Additional charges will be there if I have to purchase extra items for the shoot like, apples, balloons, fresh flowers etc. Or parents can arrange these items and I can bring the items there are already with me.

Bed, violin, plant - for sitting babies

Trolley with artificial flower bouquet

Small stool and 1 block

Wooden box, bonnet and artificial bouquet set up

Wooden cot and creeper

Bath set up with bubbles (no water)

Picnic setup with vintage books, globe, grapes and flowers

Picnic setup with 'One' prop

Fur blanket setup with artificial roses or letter board for babies under 7 months (lying babies)

Bird cage and floral tiara - ideal for kids above 2 years

Red romper and briefcase

Mini violin setup


Vintage phone

Posing with apples - baby's parent brought the apples.

Posing with ukulele

With bonnet and artificial flowers

Red riding hood - I have the red hood and basket with artificial grapes, flowers - ideal for kids 3 years and above.

Posing with favourite toy - the child's parent brought the blocks

Posing with toy car - child's parent brought this

Posing with train track


Other new props:

Letter board -(12 x 18) inches: where we can write child's name/age/any cute facts and can keep next to child

Teepee - for sitting babies and above

Bamboo basket and balloon setup - for babies between 9 months(sitting babies) to 2 years

Tiny white wood pram : where child can use a doll, teddy or flowers inside pose


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