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Posing options for 6 month old babies

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Following are the options of posing for babies 6 months (babies that can't sit)

Additional charges will be there if I have to purchase extra items for the shoot like, apples, balloons, fresh flowers etc. Or parents can arrange these items. I can bring the items there are already with me.

With each prop setup and outfit, minimum 2 pictures have to be selected for editing.

Many clients choose 2 or 3 pictures from same setup as kids give different cute looks and expressions on each click. You could create lovely collages for wall decor out of it.

Fur blanket setup - I have this brown dungaree, fur blanket and flowers

Here instead of flowers we can use a letter board if you are interested, as shown below.

The above picture is not my work

Light support is given here with a cushion - Wooden box, white lace dress, floral bonnet in pink and a new one is available which is in white and violet, + flowers

Lying on belly : I have this red romper and a dark maroon one also

Wood cot and leaf creeper or floral creeper- set up.

Hammock set up

Lying on back pose

Posing with family

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