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Styling for photo-session

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

The colours that are good for photo sessions are shown in the following collage.

Dark red , olive green, dark green, brown, baby pink, light blue, white, off-white, mustard yellow, grey, white, denim blue, beige, dark maroon, dark blue etc. can give nice results. Even black is nice.

Picture courtesy:

Picture courtesy:

Please don't use bright colours like below and outfits with distracting prints.

Eg: Florescent green, bright green, orange, bright red, bright pink, yellow, bright blue

Picture courtesy:

Picture courtesy:

For family photos try similar colour outfits like below:

Above picture is by Peggy Wilkie Photography

Above picture is by Suzanne Krull Photography

Picture courtesy:


We don't need heavy make- up (bright lipstick, lip gloss, heavily done eyes and eye shadows) like below for our shoot.

Picture courtesy:

Picture courtesy:

Light makeup like below is fine.

Picture courtesy:

Hair -styling.

Open hair and wavy hair styling will be nice.

Image source:

Styles to consider for gent's portfolio shoots

Pic courtesy : Unsplash

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